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Healing the Body through Organic Food


The Paulo’s were eating the Standard American diet, Jesse had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weighed 236lbs, Amie digestive issues and Josiah rashes and  severe stomach pains due to Gluten and dairy allergies. We had an epiphany, our food choices were destroying our lifestyle, teaching our children terrible habits as our lack of energy was effecting our family and walk with God.

We began juice fasting and Jesse lost 30 lbs immediately and his energy soared, we both felt like we did in college and our family began to thrive.  We have incorporated the raw food diet for the last few years along with other methods and are finding what works for us.  I previously had 8 years in organic certification and Jesse coupled that with a Raw Food Science and Nutrition 1 course from Living Light Institute. What emerged was His Harvest to pass on what we have learned and help others eat high end Organic foods.

Update: We have purchased a 15 acre farm to grow organic produce.  The farm is located in Wolcott and will take time to develop as it was out of production for several years but Organic goodness here we come!!!  Also, we have discovered the importance of enzymes for both Amie and Josiah’s digestive health.

Why Choose Us?

Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without chemical and petroleum-based pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Organic farming does not allow the use of sewage– or sludge-based fertilizers as is typical in conventional farming (ick!). Organic products are free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), hormones, growth stimulants, antibiotics, and cloning. Since conventional products are not forced to label each product, the only way we are assured that the item we are eating and feeding our children is not cloned or genetically engineered is by choosing the organic option.

In addition, organic products cannot contain chemical colors, nitrates, nitrites and are free of artificial ingredients.

Organic standards call for humane treatment of cattle, dairy cows, chickens, sheep, etc. Organic farming require that animals have fresh clean water, a clean place to sleep, access to the outdoors, room to move and exercise, and fresh air. Seems minimal but it had to be spelled out in the regulations for a reason. This is not required in conventional farming. Enough said.

Fresh organic fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Many people find that they taste better too. That’s because they come from good nutrient-rich soil which impacts the earth positively and the plants more deliciously.
There is even new research that indicates that people who eat more organic products have an easier time maintaining their ideal weight and that choosing organic foods can actually help us lose weight and stay healthier! That’s because when we consume chemicals and pesticides our liver is in overdrive protecting our body from those toxins. When we eat wholesome real foods created without chemicals, instead of overburdening our liver to clear our body of toxins, our liver can take on it’s other big responsibility and use up calories!

By supporting organic farmers, we are encouraging more farmers to choose sustainable methods. We are also discouraging other countries from destroying their land to make way for cheap crops. By eating organic food, we are keeping our bodies cleaner and saving money from unnecessary, expensive doctor visits in the future.

A buying club is people coming together to achieve greater buying power! As our family became aware of the benefits to eating fresh organic produce, we realized the cost as well. We knew there had to be a way for those without high income to eat well. Our goal is to help people obtain FRESH, QUALITY Organic produce at a reasonable price. (YEA!)
His Harvest buying club offers a few ways to purchase organic:
– Family box, Large box or Medium build a box and Juice boxes.
– Full or half case (as in a co-op)

A mixed selection of Organic fruits and vegetables that you choose from.  The items change weekly but the value remains the same!

We also have Add-On Items, a variety of single or bulk items that can be added to customize your order and eggs, meats and cheeses.

Click on Organic produce then select your size box. Then filll your box.  Scroll down to select add-ons and check out. Select your payment options and pick location and enjoy your organic goodness.

Shares are posted the Monday before the order arrives. Deadline for ordering is by Wednesday for Friday pick up at: either at Amazing Love Farm 743 Boundline rd, Wolcott CT 06716, Plainville or Thomaston CT.

Yes, please bring your own bags or boxes when picking up your order.