Welcome to HIs Harvest :)


We just started growing our own produce spinrg 2016 on new 14.5 acre farm and also  purchase from a local distributor (PA) and local farms. Our produce is specialty market quality and superior to that  of most supermarkets. Generally, the produce is more fresh than even most specialty markets because it’s been purchased or harvested the week your picking it up.

We always continuing to improve our resources as we grow and are currently shopping for more local farms and adding more of our own farms produce.

Though we desire to have more local produce, seasons, availability and variety are also factors. Some produce only grows in warmer climates, for example, Bananas, Pineapple, Mango and some Nuts do not grow in the USA.   However, our heart is to have more CT grown produce (Although, much of CT produce is herbicide, pesticide and GMO rich and soils are depleted of nutrients, minerals and healthy biology from poor tilling techniques etc.  it’s not just about buying local but buying quality local)  Northeast produce and USA grown fruits and Veggies.  When purchasing outside the USA we try to purchase Fair Trade foods.

Here is an incomplete list of some of our farms at this time:

Amazing Love Farm, CT

Alba Flower Apiaries, CT

Marble Valley Farm, CT

Blue Moon Organics, NY

Englebert Farms, NY

Lady Moon,  PA

Clarion River Organics, PA

Mother Earth Organics PA

Lady Spout Farm, NC

Jacob’s Farm, CA

VivaTierra, CA, WA, OR   (This is a group of growers)

Josies Organics, CA

Lake Side Organic, CA

Home Grown Organic Farms, CA   (another group of growers)

A.V Thomas Produce, CA

Equal Exchange Co-op, Ecuador, Peru  (This is a worker owned, Fair trade Co-op)

I will try and update this more frequently in the future as we continue to add more farms, thanks for your patience.